Entangled Others (PT/NO) → Sediment Nodes

19:00 - 24:00
  • Karlín/Holešovice
  • Projection

About project

Sediment-laden waters often appear muddily opaque, the multitude of suspended particles disturbed by wind, tide, storm, flood, or even our activities seemingly cloud our view of aquatic life, obscuring them. We spare little thought of the suspended sediment itself, for it signals that there is or was movement, yet it too is full of life, color, and form.

The suspended cloud of inorganic matter is, in fact, a multitude: inorganic particles of silt, clay and sand are the host and neighbor to the algal, the bacterial, mingling with particles of organic matter, microorganisms and larger, yet still small, lifeforms that find their sustenance and shelter in the obscure. Furthermore, the minerals and denizens diffuse and reflect and ultimately diffuse the light, creating complex conditions within the microscopic.

Sediment Nodes explores the connections and interconnections of what we assume inert, yet disturbed, of the complexities of color and light hidden from us by the scale and the diffusion of light and osmosis within a liquid medium.

About artist

Entangled Others is the shared studio practice of artists Feileacan Kirkbride McCormick and Sofia Crespo. Their work focuses on ecology, artificial lifeforms and generative arts, with an emphasis on giving the more-than-human new forms a presence and life in digital space.

Sofia Crespo is an artist working with a huge interest in biology-inspired technologies. One of her main focuses is the way organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate itself and evolve, implying the idea that technologies are a biased product of the organic life that created them and not a completely separated object.

Feileacan Kirkbride McCormick is a Norwegian artist, researcher, and former architect. His practice focuses on ecology, nature & generative arts, with a focus on giving non-humans new forms of presence & life in the digital space.

The music is by Clothilde. This artist uses modular instruments that were completely built from scratch by her partner Zé Diogo. The musical instruments have a strong identity and authenticity of their own in her performance. Clothilde treats them as equals. Her music cannot be predicted, as it is an unexpected dialogue between humans and machines.

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