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Maxim Velčovský’s installation will appear at the Lux Festival in Helsinki this week

3. 1. 2023

The burnt-out cars that are part of one of the installations of the tenth Signal Festival – The Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of a Someone Living – are a cruel testimony to a horrific tragedy and a direct evidence of the 21st century warfare. It offers an insight into the terrifying environment of Ukrainian cities affected by war. It has therefore captivated not only tens of thousands Signal Festival visitors, but also curators of the world’s festivals of light and digital art. That’s why you can see it at the Lux Festival in Helsinki, Finland, from 4 to 8 January.

Every year Lux Helsinki presents a diverse range of light art. In addition to the most famous buildings in Helsinki, the route also highlights lesser-known courtyards and facades. More than half a million visitors come to admire the festival, which transforms well-known buildings and spaces into unique works of urban art. The unforgettable experience created by the power and beauty of light attracts people to enjoy this winter festival at the darkest time of the year, even on the coldest nights.

We are proud to have the opportunity with other festivals to highlight our values and raise important questions at home and abroad. Find out more about the festival here.