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Reflexion in a new light

12. 12. 2020 → Signal Calling

What might the combination of a kinetic sculpture and a larger theatrical performance with dancers, music artists and masters of stage lighting look like? This is the question that Petr Vacek and Adam Cigler, the authors of the Reflexion installation, asked themselves when it was created. This hypnotic work of art, created for last year’s Signal as part of our opencall with PrusaLab, became part of a unique test experiment at the Archa Theater in December this year.

The intention was to build a complete Reflexion in the theater, which has free capacity for several days of testing due to the ban on cultural events. In the first part of the experiment, various possibilities of working with lights, a powerful laser and the sound generated by the installation itself were explored. The second part took place as a “jam” with dancers and musicians, with the aim of presenting the installation to the art world, testing the potential and discovering the possibilities of a joint performance.


David Vrbík – laser, light design
Petr Vacek, Adam Cigler – choreography of mirrors
Aid Kid, Leoš Hort, Oliver Torr – music
Matěj Suchánek – interactivity

See for yourself what the result of this unique combination looks like.