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What are satellite installations and where to find them.

13. 9. 2023 → Signal 2023

The eleventh edition of the Signal Festival will offer two routes with a total of twenty locations and artworks. We have expanded the festival beyond the main routes, where you can expect satellite installations, and existing artworks in public space that will come alive with light projections thanks to Signal Festival.

As the festival lasts only 4 days, we also want to highlight the works in public spaces that you can visit throughout the year. Each piece is unique, which is why we will be bringing to life three existing artworks that are located off the main festival route for the festival.

The first satellite is the eight-metre-high sculpture Aerial made of high-strength concrete by multimedia artist Federico Díaz, accompanied by the video projection “Concrete Layers” by artist Jan Hladil and musician Jonáš Rosůlek. This installation is sponsored by KKCG and is located in the public space of the Bořislavka Centre.

The second salite is the kinetic object VISTA MARS by Jiří Příhoda, a Czech artist working on the border between sculpture, object, and architecture. The object is located in the public space of the Rustonka administrative complex in Karlín, containing an exterior 360° video projection of the planet Mars with real NASA footage. The patron of the installation is White Star Real Estate.

We will also illuminate the iconic work of Zdeněk Sýkora, Tiling of the ventilation towers of the Letenský tunnel in Prague. The black-and-white structure of one of the first Czech artists to use a computer-generated visual language to create a work of art will be played by audiovisual artist David Vrbík with his laser projections during the Signal Festival.

Enjoy this year’s Signal Festival to the fullest. Buy a ticket to the gallery zone and decide between Signal Plus and Signal VIP. Explore every corner of the festival map and enjoy Signal Festival to the fullest.

Signal Festival will take place on the streets of Prague from 12 to 15 October.

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