Signal VIP 1990 CZK

Date, time 12.–15. 10. (18:00–00:00)
Location Prague

Tickets are non-transferable

What will I see? Why buy Signal VIP? 

Signal VIP includes access to 7 exclusive installations within the gallery zone. Without waiting in queues, but with a welcome drink at selected locations and entry an hour earlier than everyone else. You can explore each artwork repeatedly during the 4 festival days. Get a glimpse into unique locations across Prague during the Signal Festival in the largest gallery zone for the duration of the event.

Where do I pick up my festival ribbon?

After purchasing your ticket online, you will receive an email with detailed information. With your ticket, just come to the festival ticket office where we will exchange it for a festival ribbon, which you can then comfortably wear to all the paid installations. You must wear your ribbon for the entire festival, a new one will not be given to you once you take it off.

Please pick up your ribbon at one of the 7 Signal Festival ticket offices located at all paid installations:

– Kunsthalle Praha
– Church of the Salvator
– Hybernská Campus
– Prague City Museum
– Holešovice Market Hall – Hall 13
– Primary School and Kindergarten at Lyčkovo Square
– Invalidovna

Ticket offices are open during the festival from 18:00 to 24:00, 12 – 15 October 2023.