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Women in art → who to follow

8. 3. 2024 → Signal Spotlight

Today is International Women’s Day and we would like to mark the occasion by highlighting the work of several women working on projects in the field of arts and creative culture. No doubt all women should be celebrated, we offer a selection of those who should not escape your attention here at Signal Festival we enjoy how and what they are working on.

Jana Bernartová
WEB → janabernartova.cz

Jana Bernartová is a visual artist who reflects the tension between the virtual world and reality in her work, exploring the transformation of media and the relationship between humans and digital images. She often works with digital media and her work is primarily exhibited in gallery spaces. Her creative process often focuses on researching the human perception of the digital image and its influence on contemporary art.

Jana Bernartová → Remediace (2017) © Jana Bernartová
Jana Bernartová → Ultramarín extra blue (2017) © Jana Bernartová
Jana Bernartová → Ultramarín extra blue (2017) © Jana Bernartová

Katerina Seda
WEB → www.katerinaseda.cz

Kateřina Šedá is an artist whose work is focused on socially conceived events that involve tens to hundreds of people with no artistic background. Her projects take place in ordinary environments, outside of art galleries. These experiments with interpersonal relationships aim to bring the participants out of their stereotypes and social isolation. Seda works either on personal themes or in a village setting that often goes unnoticed. Although her work is personal, it is well understood internationally. Her work focuses on the confrontation of people outside the art environment with art and on the exploration of interpersonal relationships through artistic actions.

Kateřina Šedá → CELEJ VON / National collection of bad habits (2022–2024) © Kateřina Šedá
Kateřina Šedá → From foot to foot: shoes in the pet shop (2022) © Kateřina Šedá

Kateřina Šedá started the Pacific Prague Trail project last year at the Signal Festival, which will continue this year. Are you curious what came out of the research and where the expedition will continue?

Kateřina Šedá → Pacific Prague Trail (2023) © Dušan Vondra

Women in Lighting is an international project that was created to celebrate and raise the visibility of women working in the field of lighting design, highlighting their achievements and successes so that they can become role models for other women in the industry and inspire the next generation. The project focuses on finding gender balance and eliminating mechanisms of active discrimination against women. An international database of female lighting designers has been created and we would like to introduce you to the ones that most interested us.

Karolina Halatek
WEB → karolinahalatek.com

Karolina Halatek uses light as a central medium in her work, creating experimental site-specific spaces that incorporate visual, architectural, and sculptural elements. Karolina sees her work primarily as a catalyst for experience, creating installations that are immersive and often the result of collaborations with quantum physicists and mechanical engineers.

Karolina Halatek → Beacon (2021) © Karolina Halatek
Karolina Halatek → Field (2020) © Karolina Halatek
Karolina Halatek → Scanner Room (2014) © Karolina Halatek

WEB → www.liz-west.com

Liz West is a British artist known for her large-scale artworks, ranging from the intimate to the monumental. Using a variety of materials and exploring the use of light, she blurs the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, design, and painting to create works that are both playful and immersive. West creates vibrant environments that blend vibrant color and bright light. She seeks to evoke a heightened sensory perception in the viewer with her works. She is interested in how sensory phenomena can evoke psychological and physical responses that tap into our own deeply rooted relationships with color. Her exploration of the relationship between color and light is often realized through the engagement of materiality and place.

Liz West → Our Colour Reflection (2016-2020) © Liz West
Liz West → Gradient Remix (2022) © Liz West
Liz West → Gradient Remix (2022) © Liz West
Liz West → Gradient Remix (2022) © Liz West

There are no doubt many more women in art and they all deserve your attention, not just today. Are you curious to see what kind of program we will present at this year’s Signal Festival? Don’t forget to follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter!