The Signal AR app combines the historical scenery of Prague and modern digital technology. Go and see.

Art installations hidden in augmented reality await you. Download our app, go to Karlín, discover & share art in augmented reality. Use our app alongside Signal AR as a map and the Signal Festival programme in your pocket.

This year we have prepared something new. Signal in augmented reality. We’ve been developing the Signal AR project for a whole year together with creative studio Brainz Immersive, bicepsdigital and artists. It’s an experiment, a test and a prototype. It’s Signal for the times of pandemic. We want to be ready for whatever happens. Because art belongs on the streets at all times. The exciting combination of new technologies and art has always fascinated us. We decided it was time to try something new again. Something brand new.

The result is Signal AR. Signal during the day, intimately, whenever, however, but still on the streets. You can enjoy a virtual collection of works in public space. We built the first AR route in Prague’s Karlín district. Just download our new app, head to a point on the map, scan the Signal marker and discover the works in augmented reality through your phone. You don’t need anything else. Imagine if there was no sharp line between your own imagination and the real world. No entrance fees, no opening hours, no barriers. Experience Signal AR. Experience a new reality.

In the Signal Festival app you will also find a map of all the installations that you will never get lost with.

Signal Application

  • → World of Signal

    The Signal AR app combines the historical backdrop of Prague and modern digital technology.

  • → Signal AR

    Discover art installations hidden in augmented reality at your fingertips.

  • → Festival map and Signal AR always at your fingertip

    Art installations, events, accompanying programme or Signal AR objects, you'll find it all marked in one place, on our map.

Available on iOS and Android

→ AR modul available only on compatible devices

Everything about the app

  • What can I find in the Signal application besides the map and the festival program?

    We have a surprise this year. AR aka augmented reality, or simply new reality. We built the first AR route in Karlín, Prague. You will find 6 works of art in a virtual space. All you have to do is download our new application, go to a point on the map, scan the Signal Marker and then discover […]

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  • What do I need to know before I go to Signal AR?

    It is simple. Download the Signal AR application. You will log in to the application via email and check if your phone supports Signal AR. On the map, check Signal AR and head to Karlín. You will find the Signal Marker on the spot, scan it through the application and then just enjoy the view […]

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  • Does the AR have a sound?

    All installations also have an audio part. We therefore recommend taking headphones for a walk and experiencing Signal AR with all your senses.

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