Federico Díaz (CZ)

Federico Díaz is a conceptual and multimedia artist who is one of the pioneers of the use of new media in art and is also one of the most prominent artists in this field. During his studies, he abandoned traditional artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, and sculpture and immersed himself in the world of new media and modern technologies. Between 2007 and 2014, he headed the Supermedia Studio at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague. Díaz’s main focus is on people and their relationship to the world in today’s depersonalized information age, and he is interested in the connections between the artificial and natural worlds. He seeks to materialize entities such as light, movement, and energy that are otherwise fleeting and intangible. He is one of the co-founders of So Concrete company, which specializes in innovative solutions that are being realized with robotic applied 3D printed concrete.

Jan Hladil is a Czech visual artist who studied graphic design and went on to study Supermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under Federico Díaz. He works as a VJ, projection technician, and videographer, he is engaged in mapping projections, audiovisual installations, and content creation for the label Lunchmeat, Vision Factory company, and Signal Productions. As an author, he collaborates with Laterna Magika on the New Stage of the National Theatre. In his free work, he focuses on the interpretation of socio-cultural as well as physical processes, which he translates into an artistic way of knowing with his specific visual representation. Hladil’s works have been exhibited at the National Gallery, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague City Gallery, and Chemistry Gallery.

Jonáš Rosůlek studied scenography at JAMU, and later in the Supermedia studio at UMPRUM. He works as a sound master at the Czech Radio. He gradually turned from audiovisual work to audio production. In the past, he worked on several music projects (Ethno Service, Popper-C, Fremeni, etc.), and co-founded the NEEDLES studio and the City Surfer collective. He has composed music for several theatre shows, audiovisual performances, and short films. Currently, he is mainly involved in the emerging music project PIANO DI EMERGENZA.
tudied scenography at JAMU and is currently a student of Supermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In addition to audiovisual creation and scenography, he is also interested in music. His works include the film T (2011).