Festival map

If you want to know everything about the festival, we recommend a festival map. You will find not only the map as such, but also information about the accompanying program and other events around the festival.


The map will be sold at 30 CZK  by our volunteers along the route or in the following locations and times at Signal infopoints:

  • náměstí Republiky (11am – 11pm)
  • Staroměstské náměstí (11am – 11pm)
  • Karlínské náměstí (7pm – 11pm)
  • náměstí Míru (7pm – 11pm)


You can also download a map for 25 CZK right now, within our free Signal Festival mobile app.

SIGNAL FESTIVAL 2018 app for iOS

SIGNAL FESTIVAL 2018 app for Android


By purchasing the map you contribute to the continued existence of Signal Festival, for which we thank you.