Refreshment facilities

This year we have prepared a new refreshment concept for you. There are stalls, foodtrucks and bars with a wide selection of food and drinks at various places along the way.


Refreshments and souvenirs are open for you every evening from 7pm to 11pm in the following places:

  • náměstí Míru
  • sady Svatopluka Čecha
  • náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad
  • Riegrovy sady
  • TJ Sokol Vinohrady
  • Karlínské náměstí

You can also visit the NEON FOOD LOUNGE at Žofín Garden restaurant during the whole festival. This special food point, located at Slovanský ostrov,  is provided by Žofín Garden / Zátiší Catering / QUIX. From 5pm to 11pm, you can taste the glowing refreshments for adults and children as well – UV donuts, candyfloss, panna cotta, macarons or ice-cream. Thirst can be quenched by bubble lemonade, gin&tonic or prosecco with passionfruit UV caviar.