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About project

The ArchiBio project discovers phenomena that surround us everywhere, yet they remain invisible. The growth of bacteria, fungi and plants, life of an ant colony – the beauty of these phenomena escapes our attention, because they exist on a different scale or in a different time beyond our perception. ArchiBio videomapping unfolds the beauty of microscopic worlds enlarged to a giant size in the public space. It poses a question whether the relationship between nature and technology really is antagonistic, or whether the man-made technologies represent just another branch on the evolutionary tree. It is fascinating that all life forms around us share the same operating system with us, humans, DNA. What will happen once our technologies learn how to cooperate with it? Will genetic modification bring destruction or progress?

The author uses 3D scanning technologies, 3D printers and computer-controlled cutting machines to make special cultivation pots the shape of which copies chosen architecture.

About artist

Andrej Boleslavsky is a recognized digital artist active in the field of new media art, interactive design, virtual reality and light installations. He explores the boundaries between the physical and digital world. His work is characterized by a fascination with the fusion of life-giving nature and modern technologies. He is engaged in interdisciplinary projects, especially the connection between digital technologies and contemporary dance.


Andrej Boleslavsky is currently working as an artist and researcher for CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies. In his own projects he focuses on the creating of artworks using a wide range of new media technologies, elements of experimental games, generative art and physical computing. He also lectures workshops organized by various study programs. Recently participated in the Cellsbutton#5 media festival. He curated exhibitions TransGenesis: Global Players and Square vision focused on game art and co-curated festival Enter5: Datapolis. His specialization in the field of programming includes knowledge of media platforms such as VVVV and Arduino which he uses to develop interactive artworks.