Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP) → Constrained Surface

About project

The Constrained Surface installation focuses on the topic of the so-called synaesthesia. This medical term refers to a state where stimuli of one human sense may influence the perception of another sense. In such cases, people may feel the taste of a number or hear a colour. Ryochi Kurokawa transfers this topic into the world of technology and art and creates the environment in which individual sensory experiences are so close to each other that the emitted sound cannot be described without using other senses – touch, sight and smell. In other words, using light, colour, sound and motion, Constrained Surface brings a synesthetic experience.

To bring this experience to the audience, Ryochi Kurokawa has quite limited possibilities. He is limited by the boundaries of the projection screen similarly as painters are limited by their canvas. However, he has two powerful means at hand: the latest technology knowledge and – above all – art.


Concept, direction, composition, programming, design: Ryoichi Kurokawa

Programming: Hiroshi Matoba

Producer : Nicolas Wierinck

Produced by Studio Ryoichi Kurokawa

Commissioned by Espacio Fundación Telefónica Lima

Courtesy of White Circle

About artist

Japanese artist Ryochi Kurokawa works with various media and techniques ranging from installations, recordings to concert performances; however, the centre of his attention is almost always the phenomenon of audio-visual production. He has been living and working the past few years in Berlin but he is popular around the world. He is also known from exhibitions and festivals by visitors of Tate Modern, Venice Biennale, Paris Palais de Tokyo or German Transmediale.


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