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About project

The Hladina (Surface) installation works with the phenomenon of an optical illusion of wave oscillations. Blending two physical phenomena, light and motion, the fluctuating level of white lines and a gently pulsing network of stroboscopes create a luminous landscape that is constantly changing and distorting the viewer’s perception of time.

Light flashes allow the human eye to capture only certain sequences of motion of shimmering lines. The interconnection of two frequency oscillations, namely the lines placed on loudspeakers and strobing, subsequently creates optical illusion that the time has stopped.

This visual experience is also deepened by the sound component which accompanies the installation with thundering, gently changing bass tones defining oscillation of individual waves and lines. The acoustically interesting environment thus brings unexpected harmonies as well as impressive echoes.

Experience the SIGNAL Festival in a different way

Thanks to the collaboration with Cisco we can show you the SIGNAL Festival in a different way. After downloading the SIGNAL Festival application, you will see the installations in Dup39, U Stýblů and in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace from all possible angles. In addition, in Klementinum you can open a stream from all three locations of the gallery zone.


The SIGNAL CALLING section reveals interesting projects, especially of the younger generation of Czech artists who work with light and draw attention to interesting places in Prague in an original way. These are indoor and outdoor light installations, interactive light projects, illumination of interesting architectural elements in the city or any other ideas related to the artistic use of light. The projects were selected for the section through an open call in which any artist or artistic group working long-term in the Czech Republic could participate. The patronage of this year’s SIGNAL CALLING has been assumed by ČT art.

ČT art – patron of the SIGNAL CALLING section

Art awakens the true personality in a person, moves limits of our perception and enrichens our life. Art is Česká televize (ČT – Czech TV), the general media partner of the SIGNAL Festival. Meet the generation of young Czech artists in the section titled SIGNAL CALLING powered by ČT art.

About artist

Blok_4 is an artistic group, consisting of Tomáš Bukáček, Filip Marek, Adam Mach and Luboš Rezler. Light, space and time are a great source of inspiration for these artists, so it is no wonder that these elements are at the heart of their audio-visual installations and light design work. Their projects often bring elements of nostalgia as artists like to combine modern technology with rare antique lamps.

Supported by

  • National library of the Czech Republic

  • ČT art