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  • 3D projection

About project

The stereoscopic 3D videomapping projection is aptly called Multiverse by its creator Filip Roca. The entire projection revolves around parallel universes, so the theory that the universe known to us is not the only one, and that there are others we have not discovered yet. These presumed worlds consist of everything we know: space, time, matter, energy and physical laws that describe all these elements.

The Multiverse installation is a sort of an abstract journey between parallel universes, across endless amounts of matter, distorted physical laws and unknown lands. And the entire journey begins right in front of your eyes, on the façade of the Tyrš House.

About artist

Filip Roca lives and works in Barcelona but originally comes from Montenegro. He was used to utilising the new media throughout the years of practicing animation and graphic design. He brought them even into his free artistic work, creating architectural video projections, videomapping. For this work he was awarded the first prize at the International Mapping Festival in Girona in 2015 and a year later at iMapp in Bucharest.

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