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About project

Revolution emerges from you. A stands for aim, r is reaction, r as in reflect (mirror as well as contemplate) and c as in chaos. These are the four stages of revolution. The revolution happening inside the man. Visitors walk through these four zones without knowing what comes next round the corner. Laser beams and forceful music offer extraordinarily absorbing experience to the visitors immediately within the first part of the inner revolution. The heartbeat sound helps to reach pleasant harmony and unison with the space, which is intensified by the atmospheric music. The second zone represents the reactions and emotions which grow inside the audience owing to the forceful light laser beams. The visitors are changing and transforming; they are ready for the change and accept it. The laser beams changes suddenly too. It starts reflecting from the mirrors and fades away in infinite tiny bundles of rays. Revolt and rebellion may begin. At last, there is chaos. Mayhem and havoc, which, however, urge the visitor to understand and to make sense of it. Upon leaving the gallery, there is one beam only symbolising the end of the revolution. And tangible feeling of freedom. And the possibility to change the world. Not only the inner one, but also the world which is surrounding us.

Tickets to the Gallery Zone are available online and on-site at all gallery locations and info points for 250 CZK . Children from 6 to 15 years old and seniors from 65 years of age have 50 CZK discount.

About artist

Dreamlaser is a multimedia studio from Nizhny Novgorod, which creates extensive audiovisual installations, multimedia shows and artistic projects all over the world. As a matter of interest, all phases of the preparation of projects from the idea, content creation, laser scanning of space, up to the technical production and realization with the use of their own equipment are carried out in the studio itself.

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