Laterna magika (CZ) → LUNAtic

19:00 - 24:00
  • Performance

About project

Laterna magika and Signal Festival present a theatre and dance production by director Miřenka Čechová and visual artist Erik Bartoš. This is the first major collaboration between the Festival and the National Theatre.

The mental world of the artist’s inner self is a garden of dark and lightened corners, a haven of imagination, a peaceful resting place, and a teeming tangle of fantastical patterns. The line between everyday reality and the thrilling irrationality of the yearning soul is as thin as the line between “prophet” and “madman”. Explore with us the inner world of an artist whose work reveals sheer genius as well as infinite darkness. One performer and the beating walls of the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Inspiration in the poetry of French poet Joyce Mansour and Czech surrealist poet Jana (Honza) Krejcarová. All this is dreamy LUNAtic.

How thin is the line between the real and the fictional? What do artists see at the moment of creation and what parallel worlds do they resort to? What else is the world of imagination and what already spills over into our lived, physical reality? What does the artist’s struggle with her own work look like? The questions never cease.

The performance starts at 7 p.m. and repeats every 20 minutes. Specially for Signal VIP the performance will take place every festival evening from 6:30 p.m.

About artist

Signal Festival and Laterna Magika are following up on last year's successful collaboration. Laterna Magika is a multimedia and multi-genre theatre. It is one of the ensembles of the National Theatre in Prague and operates in the New Stage of the National Theatre. With its unique approach to theatrical poetics it has created a worldwide reputation. Its basic principle, i.e. the interactive connection of film projection with movement and acting, has gradually been complemented by new technologies, such as digital projections or new media including real-time programmable software. Laterna Magika's productions combine movement, dance, voice, words, music and visual elements, which are its unique and undeniable signature. As of January 2021, Radim Vizváry is the new artistic director of Laterna magika. His vision is of a multi-genre theatre that will experiment more with new technologies, establish interdisciplinary collaborations and take the path of site-specific projects and interventions in public space among further audiences.

Tereza Vejvodová is a film director, screenwriter and multimedia artist. She studied feature directing at FAMU, but in her work she is more interested in experimenting with the boundaries of the film medium, especially its interfaces with visual and musical practices. She works mainly with independent film, but also with video installations for theatre and gallery spaces.

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