For Signal, as it is

With the fifth year of cooperation between Signal Festival and the insurance company Kooperativa comes a change.

Together we will focus on your safety and comfort at the festival. To do this, we have created useful tips and recommendations on how to enjoy Signal in the best and safest way. During the festival events, you will be looked after by trained Coordinators, who you will recognise by their reflective jackets with a specific symbol. This symbol represents a light, a laser, or an asterisk and will accompany you throughout the festival. Enjoy the Signal Festival safely and comfortably.


Engrave it in your memory

You will see this symbol expressing safety and comfort almost everywhere before and during the festival. It carries practical information about the festival, but also advice in case of any inconvenience. Our Coordinators marked with this symbol are there to help you in almost any case.

Do you need to find your way around? Familiarize yourself with the programme? Are you feeling nauseous? Can’t find your dog? Don’t know what time the video mapping starts at Náměstí Míru?

Look out for the safety symbol that will appear on Coordinators’ jackets, information totems or apps during the festival… It’s an easy way to know where to find help or information.

Signalist – Coordinator

You will come across Signalists – Coordinators in yellow reflective jackets with the safety symbol around installations and on the streets. Wherever you meet them, they are there to help. Because they are looking out for the safety of all of us.

Whether you’re looking for a way to the video mapping, a programme, a dog or your wallet, look for a yellow reflective jacket with the festival safety symbol and your problem is half solved.

If you need to know anything about the festival, these Coordinators are the ones to ask and they will either know the answer to your question or find out the answer for you. You can also contact them in case of health or other complications.

If you can’t find one of them right away and have questions about the programme, try our app, website or festival totem. The totem serves as a large information board where you can read essential festival information. Totems are placed at the three busiest locations at this year’s Signal Festival. They are Náměstí Míru, Václav Havel Square and Čechovo Square.


Late comers miss the festival

The Signal Festival will be held this year from Thursday, 13th October through Sunday, 16th October. Don’t delay your visit, as you simply won’t see this year’s installations again next year. In addition, some installations only have limited capacity.

This year’s festival takes place over four days in October. Each day you can visit 15 art installations and video mappings, of which 6 installations are subject to a fee. By purchasing a Signal Plus or Signal VIP ticket, you will support the artists exhibiting at the festival and also support the next edition of the festival.

If you want to attend the festival with children and would welcome a quieter time, we definitely recommend going on Sunday, when Signal is usually free.
Are you short on time and want to catch the best? Be sure to stop by the video mapping at Náměstí Míru, Refik Anadol’s installation at CAMP or Maxim Velčovský’s installation at Mariánské Square.

We recommend going to Signal with a fully charged phone and camera so you can record the unique spectacle.


Festival orientation at a glance

If you get lost, check out our website or app. You’ll also find information and directions to the next installation on the festival totems we place for you at particularly busy locations and intersections.

Signal Festival is never the same. Every year we look for new locations for installations and create new routes. We encourage you to study the schedule in advance on our website or install the “Signal Festival” app, which you can find on the App Store or Google Play.

Are you already at the festival and haven’t read the program beforehand? No worries, with a smartphone and the app you can manage everything just fine. Just be careful not to look at it while crossing the road. You can also ask our Coordinators for advice, who you will meet in yellow reflective jackets near the installations.

You don’t see the Coordinators anywhere near you and your phone is dead? Then look out for one of the festival totems, which are located on Náměstí Míru, Václav Havel Square and Čechovo Square. On the totems you will find all the information you need to help you find your way around this year’s festival programme.

Signal Festival Application


Recommended dress code for the festival

Check the weather forecast at home and dress accordingly. Remember that the festival takes place mostly outdoors and that an extra layer of clothing is always useful after dark.

As Signal takes place after dark, it’s a good idea to think about what you’re wearing and ideally add some reflective elements so you can be seen.
Good quality footwear is also recommended. You’ll appreciate it when walking on the imperfectly lit walkways between installations.

The festival takes place in autumn, so it’s best to bring an extra layer of clothing.

If it’s going to rain, we recommend pulling out raincoats rather than umbrellas. This will definitely give the spectators behind you a better view, plus you can simply pack the raincoat in your pocket or backpack. A smaller backpack is also easier to carry and won’t be a nuisance to others watching the art installation.


Safely between installations

Keep an eye on all traffic and use reflective stickers to help you be more visible. Our Coordinators will be happy to give you these stickers. Cross only at crosswalks, look around and, above all, remember that the tram always has the right of way.

Although there will be Coordinators at the festival, keep in mind that the entire festival takes place in a city with normal traffic. When moving around the festival, you too should think about your safety and take your time between installations, obey the rules of the road and look around you.

Headphones are a great thing, but not when crossing the street.

Reflective elements on your clothing will help with visibility in the dark. If you don’t have one, take reflective stickers with the safety symbol from our Coordinators.

Please respect the instructions of our Coordinators.


How to behave in a crowd and what to bear in mind

During the festival, you may get caught in a crowd. If you don’t feel comfortable, stay on the edge, surround yourself with friends and don’t go anywhere. Sunday, the last day of the festival, is also generally quieter than, say, Friday.

Over the past 9 years, we’ve welcomed more than 3 million people to our “gallery in the streets of Prague” and we’re expecting a few hundred more than last year again in this 10th edition.

Remember that everyone around you is human like you, so always be respectful and let’s not spoil the experience together. Keep this in mind when you leave the installation, when you, like everyone else, want to move on as quickly as possible. If you hang on a little longer, you won’t have to push through the crowd.

Installations are designed to be seen from as many places and angles as possible, so there’s no need to push your way through the crowd.

See a visitor in need of help? Look for a Coordinator near you, or call the well-known number 155.


How to behave in case of trouble

If you are unwell and feel you cannot call for help, stop the first person you see and ask for help. Some of our installations are not suitable, for example, for epileptics or people with light sensitivity.

Signal is a festival of digital and creative culture. We conjure unexpected experiences, new feelings and emotions. However, our bodies may not always absorb visual art well.

If you become nauseous, ask the nearest Coordinator or visitor to move you to safety or call for help. If you don’t see anyone nearby, call 155 straight away.


Have you found a wallet, dog or child?

If you have found something that is not yours or, conversely, have lost something of yours, please contact our Coordinators. They will be happy to help you retrieve your lost item or return the found object to its owner. If you are going to the festival with children, put a card with your contact details in their pocket or around their neck.

At larger events, it sometimes happens that you get separated from your group. If you have lost the light of your life during the festival, find the nearest Coordinator who will be happy to help you solve the problem.

If you are missing a tangible item such as a wallet, backpack or glasses, email with a description and we will respond if it is with us. Ideally, don’t bring anything valuable to the festival to avoid unnecessary complications.

To sum up, if you find something or someone that doesn’t belong to you, contact the Coordinators who will advise you or call 158 straight away.


Considerate of the festival and the environment.

Think about the fact that we want to continue using the streets and squares after Signal. When traveling to see the installations in the park, only follow the designated routes so that we can keep the installation sites beautiful after Signal. We are dutifully sorting all waste throughout the festival and ask you to do the same.

When moving around town during the festival, be respectful of the surrounding nature and the people who live in the sites.

The goal of our litter policy is to have as clean a city during and after the festival as we did before. There are separate waste containers all over the city. If you can, put plastics, papers and other recyclables in them. For other waste, use only the bins provided. Do not throw cigarette butts around in the bins.

The festival takes place in populated areas of the city, so when you speak, remember that you are passing other people’s homes, some of whom may already be asleep.

Only approach the installations within the restricted viewing area and even if they look inviting, don’t touch them, don’t take them home. You could cause injury not only to the installation but to yourself. Simply behave as if you were in a gallery just off the streets.

You don’t even have to worry about the installations being energy intensive. We use about as much energy in the whole festival as 26 kettles use in a week. We also use extra green energy and increase the number of energy independent and sustainable installations each year.